I work with my clients to custom design a library, and workflow that fits their lifestyle, goals and personality.

Then I transform their collection to put their best memories at their fingertips. With ongoing support, my clients can focus on family and career, knowing their ever-growing collection is in good hands.

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You may be feeling guilty, but you're not alone. Managing personal photo collections has become a massive job! You don't have to do it all yourself. My passion is to help busy creative women know their photo collection is organized and safe. I transform disjointed and scattered photos into a crafted collection of memories that is streamlined and easily searchable. 
Then I design bespoke photo albums so you and your family can curl up with your most meaningful moments because there's nothing cozy about looking at photos on a computer screen.

You have decades of photos spanning from film to digital. You may even be dealing with an inherited family collection, not to mention the unknown number of photos scattered across various devices and online accounts. If you could wave a magic wand and know that your photos were organized and safe, you have peace of mind. You've long given up on the dream of beautiful photo books and slideshows.

“Before working with Maria, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated by how disorganized my digital world was."

I had multiple email accounts, a jumble of personal and professional documents, and over 60,000 photos. I didn’t even know where to begin, and It was exhausting to think about.
Now I feel like I can finally breathe. Maria has created a streamlined system that I can easily maintain, and this has made a world of difference in how I navigate my digital files.

Maria was thoughtful and sensitive to my unique needs and adjusted her advice to meet them. She is amazing!”

- Dr. Zelana Montminy, Behavioral Scientist and Author of 21 Days to Resilience

Photo Management for Home & Family

You’re no stranger to asking for help and would rather focus on what you do best. Leave your photo management to me. I will start by organizing your photos in a way that makes sense for your personality and lifestyle. Then I will provide you with the coaching and written instructions so you can do what you need to do with the ongoing support to maintain your growing collection, freeing you up to make more memories. 

Ongoing support to keep their collection pristine/ Management of your growing collection.

A customized printed list of searchable keywords.

Planning &/or execution of creative projects such as photo books, slideshows, and video montages.


Never lose a decades worth of photos

The facts are chilling. One in three people will loose valuable photos due to hard drive failure and it doesn't end there! 15% of households experience theft each year. I know several people who have had their computer & backup drive stolen. Computers, smart phones and can stop working no matter how long you’ve had them or how much you’ve used them. I want to save you from the prospect of having to pay thousands of dollars for data recovery. Gain peace of mind with my signature backup system.



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