Personal Photo Management

My concierge photo management services will safely organize your photos and provide you with ongoing support to maintain your growing library. So you are free to focus on family, career, and life. You CAN have your cake and eat it, with a bit of help.

Each Crafted Collection

Includes all your photos in a streamlined and easy-to-navigate folder structure, with added keywords for extra searchability with the added option to have your best & worst photos marked for your review.

Your ongoing support package

Includes coaching, backup protection & management of your growing collection.
Add-on services can help streamline other electronic files. We can also support creative projects such as bespoke albums, Christmas cards, and slideshows.

Add On Services

I'm consolidating and organizing your digital photos; it doesn't make sense to neglect the rest of your digital life. While I'm here, let's get you on the path to digital success.

Documents & Emails Organization

Do you waste time searching for important documents and emails? During a virtual coaching session, I help you or your assistant organize your files and emails into a simple and accessible folder structure that is easy to navigate. Identify and de-clutter duplicates and outdated files. Making your emails and documents easily searchable. With emails and documents, I coach you through the organization process and provide you with the tools to maintain it.

Passwords Glossary

Do you struggle to remember passwords and waste too much time resetting them? During a virtual coaching session, you and I design a customized system that allows you to quickly and consistently create secure passwords that are easy to locate while keeping them secure from unscrupulous eyes

Contacts & Calendars Cleanup

Do your contacts and calendars need a reset? During a virtual coaching session, you and I clean up your contacts by consolidating duplicates and deleting old contacts. In calendars, we create a system that makes your schedule clear and easy to share.

Photo Projects

Photo books, Albums, Christmas Cards, Etc. Let me do the heavy lifting when it comes to preserving and sharing your memories. I can design annual photo albums or a photo book for that last vacation. Outsource your Christmas cards and that photo calendar for your Grandma. If you need some art on home or office walls, we can coordinate photo prints & framing.

My Process

Digital organizing is a personal process, and you may wonder how I’m able to organize your personal photo collection.

I begin with discovery, learning as much as I can about you and your family. I ask a lot of questions, gathering relevant background information that will be key in helping me organize your photos.

Then I gather all your photos together, assess your collection, and design a custom plan.

With your sign off I start crafting a streamlined and searchable photo collection, noting any questions I have along the way.

Privacy and safety are a top concern, and I will only use software and procedures that protect your files and your privacy.

Respect, Confidentiality & Privacy

I don’t believe in inflicting my will on people
You do you. There’s no wrong way.
If you don’t want to use the cloud, don’t. 
If you want all your best photos printed, do it.
Technology should be customized and tailored to the individual, like a wedding dress or a suit. You spent too much money for the wrong fit. And you will do your best work and live your best life unhindered by something that isn’t suited to you.

I respect your privacy and do not judge what I come across.
I do not make important decisions about what to keep or delete unless it is an exact duplicate.

All information shared with me during our project is entirely confidential and I am happy to sign an NDA. You control the access I have to your devices and data. I do not collect any passwords unless necessary and do not retain them. We will work together to safeguard your data throughout the entire project.

Let's Get Started

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